Gendai Reiki Spainand the Ancient Roots of Traditional Japanese Reiki

and the Ancient Roots of Traditional Japanese Reiki


Gendai Reiki Ho

Gendai Reiki Ho is taught in four levels; Shoden (Level 1), Okuden (Level II), Shinpiden (Level III) and Gokuikaiden (Level IV). A course manual is provided for each class. All manuals and materials are translated directly from Japanese, faithfully preserving the original content. The manuals contain the techniques practiced by Mikao Usui (Traditional Reiki Techniques) and current Japanese Reiki techniques (Gendai Reiki Ho Techniques). All
course manuals are provided and students will receive a certificate suitable for framing upon completion of each course.

Shoden (Level I)

Level I is a very comprehensive course and provides an excellent foundation for understanding of the origins of Traditional Japanese Reiki and the practice of Gendai Reiki Ho. It is a very experiential class, offering students ample opportunity to learn and practice the numerous techniques used for both healing and for personal and spiritual development. These include the traditional techniques practiced and taught by Mikao Usui (founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho). We will also explore the ancient origins of these techniques, which enables one to better understand their importance and to practice them much more effectively.

Students will learn various hand-positions and methods of treating recipients in different positions. Students will also learn the original five precepts of Mikao Usui (these were changed in the West), known as the “Go-kai” and how they create the foundation for health, and mental and emotional well-being. Three attunements are given during the course. Two course manuals are provided and students will receive a certificate upon completion.

Okuden (Level II)

In the second level of Gendai Reiki Ho training, participants learn how to increase their resonance with Reiki, and by enhancing both its quality and intensity, make their use of it more powerful and useful. The three symbols and their respective kotodama are introduced, and three attunements will be given in preparation for utilising the symbols. Students will learn how to use symbolised healing for physical, emotional/mental and distance treatments, and to move beyond the standard hand positions by learning how to intuitively detect areas of illness or unbalance.

More advanced traditional Japanese Reiki techniques (developed by founder, Mikao Usui) that enhance the practitioner’s healing ability and their personal and spiritual development will be taught and practiced. A course manual is included and a certificate is awarded at the end of the class.

Shinpiden (Level III)

The third level of Reiki training focuses on raising the practitioner’s level of consciousness and spirituality, increasing their resonance with Reiki and deepening their practice of healing. The fourth symbol and its kotodama are given, and the student receives three attunements. Although Usui Sensei was said to have taught Reiki to 2,000 people, he only offered Shinpiden training to twenty-one of his students. It was known as “the path to greatest happiness” and to be accepted to Level III was considered a great honour.

With a focus on the essence of Mikao Usui Sensei’s teachings, we will explore the concept of Anshin Ritsumei (self-awareness/true happiness and inner peace) and the paths to its attainment. Students will discover how to make more active use of the sacred vibration, and learn the meaning and use of the fourth symbol and its kotodama in both healing and spiritual development. Advanced Dento Reiki Ryo-ho healing techniques, traditional Japanese Reiki techniques for self-purification and spiritual development and the advanced meditation techniques to raise one's level of self-awareness and spirituality will be taught. Students will also learn how Mikao Usui taught his students to transcend the symbols by internalising them, and the transitional techniques to achieve this. A course manual is included and a certificate is awarded at the end of the class.

Gokuikaiden (Level IV)

Level IV is the Master’s training course. The emphasis is on personal practice in order that the student can (1) deepen their understanding of Reiki and of its various uses and techniques, (2) develop an optimal level of inner peace, (3) learn how to teach the theories and techniques of Reiki-ho correctly and (4) to be able to transmit Reiki energy effectively. Gokuikaiden training empowers one to raise their level of healing ability, and to further develop their spiritual character and spiritual power in a balanced manner.

All levels of Gendai Reiki Ho will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the philosophy, theories and techniques are fully understood and can be correctly communicated to others. The techniques and procedures of Gendai attunements and Gendai Reiju will also be taught. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a certificate, given the title ‘Reiki Master’ (known as 'Shihan' in Japanese) and will be certified to teach Gendai Reiki Ho to others.

Other Classes and Activities

We also offer other Reiki related workshops, as well as a Reiki Share group where practitioners and students of any level gather together to give and receive Reiki, and work with techniques and practices as a group. We also have introductory classes for those who are interested in Reiki and want to learn more about it before taking a course.

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